MAPA Partners

Marshfield Area Purple Angels, Inc. is managed and maintained by volunteers and unpaid staff. We rely heavily on the generosity of our partners and donors who willingly share of their time, talent, treasure and other resources. We realize we can have a much bigger impact when we partner with other organizations, agencies, families and individuals who share in a common mission. We gratefully acknowledge all of our partners and invite others to join with us. For more information on becoming a MAPA partner, contact us.

Our Donors

Marshfield Area Purple Angels relies on the generosity of our donors. We are grateful to those who have made contributions and donations in support of our mission:

  • Ronald F. and Margaret V. Seubert Family Trust
  • Margaret V. Seubert Memorial Fund
  • Valerie Gunger 
  • Ronald and Helen Kolbeck 
  • Karla Zuspan 
  • Greg and Sheri Seubert 
  • Carlos Andujar 
  • Mariah Frahmann 
  • Ronda Seubert 
  • Jody and Brenda Frahmann 
  • Jodan Frahmann 
  • Dylan Seubert 
  • Kyle Seubert 
  • Doug Seubert 
  • Dave and Marlene Hanson
  • Gretchen Ratzloff
  • Off the Wall Custom Framing
  • Marshfield Monument
  • Jack's Bar
  • Tammy Miller
  • Hooks 'n Needles (Volunteer Center of East Central Wisconsin)
  • Doris Graham
  • Wallace and Kay Henseler
  • Charlotte Bean
  • Mildred Wundrow
  • Carol Hahm
  • Kerri Weister
  • Russell and Joan Kuenzi 
  • Brian Hopperdietzel 
  • Arlene Zahradka 
  • Alberta Strey 
  • Eleanore Panske 
  • Evelyn Schiesl 
  • Team Schierl Companies
  • Geri Smith
  • Linda A. Dosch
  • Advantage Consulting Services
  • Tiffany Kohl and "Koil's Krew"
  • Butch and Shirley Walsh
  • Marshfield Deanery - Council of Catholic Women
  • Harlow and Nancy Kibbel
  • Sharon Cook
  • Harlon Lubricants, Inc.
  • Kristin Ovans
  • Tom and Nancy Baldischwiler
  • Richard Kohl
  • Gordon and Sandra Schumacher
  • Sally Haupt
  • Margaret Panzer
  • Steven and Michelle Guttuso
  • Dean and Donna Wendlandt
  • Wallace and Charlet Endsley
  • J.J. Keller and Associates
  • Dena Wyngaarg
  • Theresa Kingsbury
  • Lorraine Michalski
  • Kathryn Gessert
  • Dorothy Gessert
  • Gerard and Mary Potvien
  • Terence and Gail Tomkowiak
  • Timothy Moriarty
  • Connie Kukuwich
  • John and Lisa Thornton
  • Thomas and Trudy Tomkowiak
  • Janet Anusavage  
  • Lance Martin  
  • Margaret Panzer
  • Daniel and Carol Jensen
  • Derek and Barbara Brown 
  • Marie Esser  
  • Karisa Holtzheimer 
  • LaMelle Winkler  
  • Bob and Gert Feirer
  • Elizabeth Bertram
  • The Gerry Nigon Family
  • Wesley United Methodist Church
  • Altrusa Club of Marshfield
  • Marshfield Area Retired Teachers Association
  • Angila Allen
  • John McCarty
  • Clarine Nardi Riddle 
  • Culver’s Restaurant
  • Metropolitan Area Agency on Aging
  • Steven and Gena Setzer
  • Lillian Heinze
  • Lawrence and Janet Clouse
  • David and Mary Bjarnason
  • Steven and Marilyn Vanderwyst
  • Mary and Paul Hangartner
  • Joanne Terry
  • William and Tamara Mittelstadt
  • Gigi Plautz
  • Christ Lutheran Church
  • Bill Trubee
  • Anonymous (34)


We humbly accept memorials in honor of individuals, regardless if they had dementia or not. We thank those who have made donations to Marshfield Area Purple Angels in memory of a loved one, family member, or friend:

  • In memory of  Ron and Marge Seubert
  • In memory of  Al Hassler
  • In memory of  Jim and Ruth Kors
  • In memory of  Ken and Lorrayne Seubert
  • In memory of  Sandra Seubert
  • In memory of  George Rau
  • In memory of  Albert Shinkle
  • In memory of  Glenn and Della Boyington
  • In memory of  Margie Sternitzky
  • In memory of  William and Caroline Brandl 
  • In memory of  Alvera Soppe
  • In memory of  Effie Mae Enerson  
  • In memory of  Donald J. Pernsteiner
  • In memory of  Albert P. Bauer  
  • In memory of  Rodney and Edna Ohm  
  • In memory of  Herbert Sorensen  
  • In memory of  Mary Erickson and "Willie"
  • In memory of  Johnette Reigel 
  • In memory of  Frank Kuenzi 
  • In memory of  Joyce Hopperdietzel 
  • In memory of  Terry Strey  
  • In memory of  Constance McDermid   
  • In memory of  Mary Louise Lindow  
  • In memory of  Angeline A. Verhunce 
  • In memory of  Delores Rogers  
  • In memory of  James Breu
  • In memory of  Ione M. Miller  
  • In memory of  Harry and Elaine Panzer  
  • In memory of  Ray LaBarge and Delores (LaBarge) Miller
  • In memory of  Edgar V. Sherbenou 
  • In memory of  Dorothy Salzwedel-Bidwell 
  • In memory of  Violet Brown 
  • In memory of  Phyllis M. Ovans 
  • In memory of  Bernice Mullins
  • In memory of  Marian Kibbel
  • In memory of  Gerald Kohl
  • In memory of  Hilma Serchen 
  • In memory of  Adeline Burr 
  • In memory of  Marvin Michalski
  • In memory of  James Joseph Zahradka
  • In memory of  John and Marian Sweeten
  • In memory of  Audrey Mosher 
  • In memory of  Elinor Payne
  • In memory of  Larry Williams 
  • In memory of  William Fairbairn  
  • In memory of  Lyle G. Cathcart
  • In memory of  Father Jerome G. Gerum
  • In memory of  Ellen Elizabeth Plautz
  • In memory of  John J. Pritzl
  • In memory of  Margot Schier
  • In memory of  Annette Schultz
  • In memory of  Marvin J. Duchow
  • In memory of  Robert Kurz 
  • In memory of  Suzie Kluge
  • In memory of  David Hansen 
  • In memory of  Lee Schloesser 
  • In memory of  Irene Fait 
  • In memory of  Dione Newby 
  • In memory of  Floyd G. Heinze 
  • In memory of  Steven P. Andreske 
  • In memory of  Darlene Hoefs 
  • In memory of  Alfred Bores
  • In memory of  Marie Blanchard

Our Mentors

We thank and acknowledge the following agencies and organizations who provide guidance and share resources and information with Marshfield Area Purple Angels:

  • Alzheimer's Foundation of America
  • Alzheimer's Speaks
  • ACT on Alzheimer's
  • Alzheimer's Society (UK)
  • Purple Angel Global Campaign and Purple Angels Ambassadors (UK)
  • Purple Cities Alliance
  • Alzheimer's & Dementia Alliance of Wisconsin
  • Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources
  • Share The Care and Share The Care Wisconsin
  • Fox Valley Memory Project
  • Wisconsin Institute for Healthy Aging 
  • Wisconsin Healthy Brain Initiative Project
  • Dementia Capable Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Department of Health Services 

Memberships & Affiliations

As an organization, Marshfield Area Purple Angels holds the following memberships and affiliations:

  • Alzheimer's Foundation of America
  • Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration 
  • Lewy Body Dementia Association
  • National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners
  • Purple Angels Global Ambassadors
  • Purple Cities Alliance
  • Marshfield Area Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Healthy Aging Wood County
  • Caregiving Pathways Coalition
  • Dementia Friendly Marshfield Coalition 

Grants & Foundation Awards

We do not actively submit grant proposals; however we do acknowledge all sources of grant funds as they are awarded.

2016 Awards

  • Roger Gilbert Memorial Fund

2017 Awards

  • Culver's Foundation

Marshfield Area Community Foundation (MACF)

The Marshfield Area Community Foundation has made it clear that they are not interested in funding any programs or projects to support people with dementia, their families or caregivers. We strongly encourage people to not give donations to the Marshfield Area Community Foundation. Instead, consider giving your donations and support directly to local nonprofit organizations who are working hard to make a difference in our community. 

We are proud to have affiliations with these national organizations who are leaders in dementia research, care and support.

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