Sing Along with Margaret

“Sing Along with Margaret” is a special project that brings meaningful music to people with Alzheimer’s disease and advanced dementia. This project is unique because this music is not only for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, it is sung by a special lady with the disease, and she wants to share her joy with others.

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Music and Dementia

Music is very powerful, and research shows it is therapeutic: it improves mood, lowers anxiety, reduces depression, and helps people with dementia connect with the present through shared moments of joy.

Even though it has been known that music has many benefits for people with dementia, there is nobody creating music specifically for this population. The downloadable recordings in the “Sing Along with Margaret” project are all well-known, well-liked favorites; but we incorporate repetition, verbal cues and words of praise and encouragement.

More than just background music, our songs are engaging and encourage participation. Musical responsiveness, as well as sensory awareness and emotional memory, are considered “continuing abilities” for people with dementia, as these skills often remain intact and are rarely compromised by the disease. Our music evokes a response, stimulates the senses, and taps into emotions and memories, and that’s why this type of musical therapy is so beneficial to those with Alzheimer’s disease and advanced dementia.

Download Our Free Music

The music in "sing Along with Margaret" are classic favorites that almost everyone knows. This music was selected specifically for those with Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia. 

Our music is recorded live!
Our songs are recorded live using basic equipment and simple musical arrangements. This gives our music the feel of being performed right there in the room with you. It has been our experience that people with Alzheimer’s disease and advanced dementia respond best when someone is singing “with” them instead of just singing “to” them.

Our music is free and in the public domain, so it costs you nothing to use!
You can download our music for free to create personalized play lists using iPods or other types of mp3 players. You can also download these songs and burn them to a CD. Because our music is in the public domain, you do not need any special licensing, and there are no copyright fees charged for using these songs for music therapy with individuals or within group settings.

Download our music for free!
We use ReverbNation, an online platform for delivering musical content. It works just like iTunes, except it allows us to offer our music completely free! Download all of our songs here.

Here are some samples of our songs.

Download more free songs!

By the Light of the Silvery Moon (Sing Along with Margaret).mp3

The Band Played On (Sing Along with Margaret).mp3

Daisy Bell -Bicycle Built for Two (Sing Along with Margaret).mp3

Many of our songs are also available as YouTube videos so you can sing along and read the lyrics. 
Click here to view all of our song videos.

We Made a CD!

We put twenty songs on our first CD collection entitled "Sing Along with Margaret" (Volume One). This project was started before Marshfield Area Purple Angels was formed, and we used KickStarter to raise funds for this project. Generous donors contributed $560 to make our CD project a reality. Click here to read more about our KickStarter campaign.

The generosity of our donors allowed us to make 300 copies of the CD which we are able to give away to those who can enjoy it and benefit from the music. We have a limited supply left. Contact us if you would like a free CD of our music.

Group and Individual Music Activities

Doug Seubert facilitates both group and individual musical activities in local care facilities as well as in private homes. Please contact Doug to make an appointment. 

Doug Seubert does not have a degree in music therapy and is not a board certified music therapist. He is, however, a “Music and Activity Specialist” and has training, education, and experience in developing and providing music and other activity programs designed to benefit people with dementia.

 Doug Seubert leading music activities as part of the "Sing Along with Margaret" project. 


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